Sadaqa / Zakat and Assistance

Madina Masjid offers assistance for those in need. Your information will be kept strictly confidential. Please complets this form and someone will reach out to within 24 hours.

Who receives Zakat:

  • The Poor (al-Fuqara’)
  • The Needy (al-Masakin)
  • Zakat Administrators (al-A’mileen’)
  • Those whose hearts may be reconciled (al-Muallafti Qulubihum)
  • Those in debt (al-Gharimeen)
  • Those struggling in the way of Allah (fi sabil lillah)
  • Wayfarers (ibn as-Sabil)

Zakat Form


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Are You Working
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Do you rent or pay a mortgage?
Please explain why you are in need of Zakat. Include information about any special circumstances.

Current Income (Monthly)
Are you receiving any other Government Assistance:

If Yes then how much

References - Please list the names/numbers of 3 individuals who know of your situation