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Imam Asif Hirani

About our Resident Scholar

Imam Asif Hirani has completed his 3 years of Bachelors of Business Administration in Fashion Designing before he switched his field to Islamic Studies. He has completed 1 year of Quran understanding course from Quran Academy (originated by Dr.Israr Ahmed), then he completed his Masters in Islamic Studies and he is a PhD Candidate at Al-Madina International University in Malaysia in Tafsir and Uloom-ul-Quran. He is a Resident Scholar at Islamic Center of Connecticut and He conducts various Tafseer Classes, Arabic Classes and Youth and Marriage Workshop & Seminars throughout the state and abroad.

24 Apr 2017

Making dua for Allah to destroy baatil

Is it permissible to make the following dua "O Allah, destroy those efforts of getting married between two people in which the roots were of baatil" (e.g. talking over whatsapp, meeting up secretly, e...

24 Apr 2017

Receiving visitors while one is in iddat

I would like to know my sister has just got her talaq so she is sitting in her iddat at her parents house. Are my parents allowed to get visitors if she is in her iddat at their house....

24 Apr 2017

Can sadaqah be used for Musjid maintenance?

If a person accidentally dropped a Qur'an Majeed, then he gave some money with the intention of sadaqah to the management of the Masjid saying it's Sadaqah money because he dropped the Qur'an Majeed, ...

24 Apr 2017

Woman travelling for hajj with her sister’s husband

A close relative of mine is planning to go for Hajj this year with her younger sister's husband as a Mahram. When I informed her that her sister's husband is NOT her Mahram, she responded by saying th...

24 Apr 2017

Authentication of a Hadith

Kindly inform me if the following is authentic : In a Hadith Qudsi, Allah Almighty says: O son of Adam, do not fear those who have authority over you as long as My authority is enduring, and My author...

24 Apr 2017

Non-Muslim’s joining in the Eid Salaah

1) Is it permissible to attend Eid namaaz along with a non-muslim who is the minister of a state? 2) Or what is the effect of those on the namaaz?...

24 Apr 2017

Mistakenly uttering a talaaq

My wife and I had an argument. I went to the bathroom to do wudu. In my mind I was thinking of her abusive words and imagining we are sitting with a family regarding our fighting in future. And she is...

24 Apr 2017

Definition of shirk

What is shirk?...

21 Apr 2017

Zul Qarnain

Is Zul Qarnain a male or female?...

21 Apr 2017

Girl unhappy with the boy her parents have chosen for her

My parents have fixed my marriage in relationship. I said yes because I thought they are happy. But nowadays I don't want to marry that person. Every time it's cry like situation. Now I told my uncle....

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