Eid Al Fitr, 2020

Dear Community Members,

Assalamu Alaikum,

These are unprecedented times. This new reality demands that we adapt to this new normal. The CDC and the state of Connecticut has still not lifted the moratorium against any kind of gathering.

Eid will be on Sunday 05/24 InshAllah. There is an alleged Whatsapp message that is circulating within the community about a Eid prayer being held at the masjid and that there is a sign-in sheet for those who wish to come for Eid Salat.

Please note that this is completely FAKE and the Masjid Administration did not authorize any kind of gathering at the Masjid. We will be following the Federal and State Government guidelines.

In order to discharge the religious obligation, and the rights of the house of worship of Allah SWT, we will have an Eid Salat.

Eid salat and Khutba will be telecast live on the Masjid FB page.

May Allah SWT accept our Ramadan and may we all come together in our beloved Masjid next Ramadhan, InshaAllah!