Mistakenly uttering a talaaq

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My wife and I had an argument. I went to the bathroom to do wudu. In my mind I was thinking of her abusive words and imagining we are sitting with a family regarding our fighting in future. And she is using same abusive words. In answer to that in my mind I was saying "Mei tumhe". That was just in my mind. Then in this absent minded state, right after I uttered "Talaq deta hun". I held my tongue realizing what just happened with slip of tongue. I never even had intention of pronouncing this word. I can swear by anything that I did not even have intention of pronouncing it. But it happened with absent minded slip of tongue while thinking/imagining about it in future. Please let me know if one talaq counted.

Mufti's Answer:

One talaaq is valid.

And Allah Ta’ala knows best.